Official Announcement: Logbook Lineup

cropped-interviews_and_biographies.jpgThe moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

Over the last several months, the Editors of the Temporal Logbook Charity Fiction collection have had the pleasure of considering a range enthusiastic, engaging story entries, covering a whole gamut of styles and storylines. After much deliberation, we are pleased to announce that the eleven finalists chosen for publication are:

  • [THIRD DOCTOR] – THE TELEMACAD by Benjamin Pocock
  • [FOURTH DOCTOR] – THE ETERNALIST by Craig Charlesworth
  • [NINTH DOCTOR] – MUD AND METAL by Hamish Crawford

The Temporal Logbook is an unofficial and unauthorized not-for-profit short-story collection featuring original Doctor Who fiction by new and upcoming writers. The stories will involve the first eleven television Doctors, in a series of exciting adventures across space and time. The collection will be released by Canadian publisher Pencil Tip Publishing. 100% of the proceeds from this publication will be donated to our chosen charity Positive Living Society of British Columbia (formerly BC Persons with AIDS Society)

The Finalists Are…

cropped-interviews_and_biographies.jpgIt’s the moment you’ve all been patiently waiting for over these past few weeks. Well, not quite but soon, very soon. Sadly yes, we’re going to leave you hanging on for a tiny bit longer till we officially announce the 11 stories which have been chosen to represent each Doctor’s era in The Temporal Logbook. While we’re not quite ready to publicly reveal those lucky writers, I can confirm that we’ve picked 10 of the 11 candidates.

If you have not received a rejection letter from us up to this point in time, that means that your story was one of the lucky finalist picked to represent a particular Doctor’s era. Each era was represented by between four to seven finalists. The editorial team reviewed and discussed each finalist and from there we picked the one story for each Doctor which will see publication.

We were really impressed by all of the finalist, but like anything of this nature, while we’d have liked to publish all of the stories, it just wasn’t possible. Unfortunately only one story for each Doctor could be chosen to represent Doctors 1 through 11.

Over the next few days, not only will we be notifying those writers who’s stories will be published, but we’ll also be corresponding with each of you whose stories weren’t lucky enough to be chosen for publication.

Once we’ve contacted all of the writers whose stories are to be published, we’re hoping to announce the official line-up by the end of the week, or if not sooner.

Feedback on Submitted/Rejected Stories

A Message from the Editors of The Temporal Logbook

We’ve had several email’s asking us if we could provide feedback to those of you whose stories were rejected.  When we originally planned this project we had hoped we could do so, but unfortunately due to the high number of submissions we received, we will not be able to provide any kind of feedback regarding rejections to any writers who submitted stories to The Temporal Logbook.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you.

Story Status

swirlSince August 3rd, we’ve been slowly emailing out rejection letters to those candidates whose stories won’t be used in the collection.  The bulk of which should have been sent out by August 15th.

For anyone who submitted a story and haven’t received a rejection slip by that date, you can assume that your story is likely one of several finalists being considered for publication for the slot for a particular Doctor.  Of those stories being considered for publication, we’ll be looking at them more closely over the next week or so and then narrowing it down to the final candidate that will be published in the logbook.

Rejection Letters

Updated August 11th

A quick post to let everyone know that effective August 3rd we will begin sending out rejection letters to those individuals whose stories we will not be using in The Temporal Logbook. These letters will be going out in batches every few days over the next few weeks.  We will be sending out rejection letters first and then once all of these have gone out, we will begin sending out letters to those individuals whose stories we would like to use in the collection.

For those interested, a small number were sent out to recipients the morning of August 3rd.

A further batch will be going out beginning August 11th.

So not to worry.  If you didn’t receive a rejection letter in your email from us today, your story is still very much in the running of being accepted for publication.


d12-w055Sorry for the lack of updates these past few weeks, but with several other projects on the go, real life and a new job its been a bit difficult finding time to fit everything in.

Anyway, I can tell you that Rob, Jez and I are in the final stretch of reading all of the submitted stories. It’s been a bit of a slog to try to get through all of them but we’ve enlisted the help of two other people whose help has been most welcomed and appreciated. (Thank you ladies, you know who you are.) With their extra help we’re hoping to have the first batch of rejection letters going out in the next week or two.

In addition to this we have a very early draft – and I do mean very early (!) – list of candidates for those stories we’re considering for publication. Once we’ve narrowed this down to 1 story per Doctor we’ll be notifying the authors of those stories we’d like to use.

We’ve lined up an artist to design the books cover. I can reveal that the cover will be designed by John Swogger who is a professional illustrator and artist. John will be familiar to readers of The Doctor Who Project as both an author and designer of a large bulk of the covers for the many stories that the project has published.


26Rob, Jez and myself are busy reading all of your submissions and I can definitely say that so far it’s been fun reading everyone’s take on their favourite Doctor.  We’ve had some very traditional-like stories submitted as well as several that very much reflect the era of the Doctor that the story features.

While the three of us are busying ourselves with reading your stories, I thought I’d share some facts with you that you might find of interest.

As we’re reading each story we’re judging each story in ten specific areas. These are:

  • First Paragraph – Does the first paragraph grab your attention and inspire you to want to read on and find out what happens?
  • Theme – is there a theme and is it well used?
  • Plot – is there a plot and is it a good standard?
  • Character – are the characters fully utilized, well-drawn and believable?
  • Originality/Uniqueness – how original and unique is the story?
  • Language – does the writer make good use of language; is it flowing & descriptive or flat & dull?
  • Writing Style – what is the overall writing style?  Good, poor, weak, etc?
  • Punctuation/Grammar/Spelling – has the writer used proper punctuation, used good grammar, and are words spelled correctly?
  • Engagement – does the story engage the reader?  Is it entertaining?  Are you invested in the story or just bored silly?
  • Overall Standard – overall quality and standard of the story.

Each story is being rated on a scale of 0-10 out of 10 in each category for an overall rating out of 100.  We chose to go with this rating system as a tool to help us decide which stories will make the cut for publication.

We were very pleased by the number of submissions we received overall.  Submissions came from all over the globe including:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

Of all of the submissions we received, the majority of the submissions came from male writers with a breakdown as follows:

MALE 80.4

All eleven Doctors were represented with Doctors 6, 4, 9 and 7 receiving the most submissions.  A detailed breakdown of the percentage of submissions each Doctor received follows:

1 6.3
2 8.9
3 5.4
4 11.6
5 6.3
6 12.5
7 10.7
8 5.4
9 11.6
10 6.3
11 9.8
NK* 5.4

* NK = entries not known