26Rob, Jez and myself are busy reading all of your submissions and I can definitely say that so far it’s been fun reading everyone’s take on their favourite Doctor.  We’ve had some very traditional-like stories submitted as well as several that very much reflect the era of the Doctor that the story features.

While the three of us are busying ourselves with reading your stories, I thought I’d share some facts with you that you might find of interest.

As we’re reading each story we’re judging each story in ten specific areas. These are:

  • First Paragraph – Does the first paragraph grab your attention and inspire you to want to read on and find out what happens?
  • Theme – is there a theme and is it well used?
  • Plot – is there a plot and is it a good standard?
  • Character – are the characters fully utilized, well-drawn and believable?
  • Originality/Uniqueness – how original and unique is the story?
  • Language – does the writer make good use of language; is it flowing & descriptive or flat & dull?
  • Writing Style – what is the overall writing style?  Good, poor, weak, etc?
  • Punctuation/Grammar/Spelling – has the writer used proper punctuation, used good grammar, and are words spelled correctly?
  • Engagement – does the story engage the reader?  Is it entertaining?  Are you invested in the story or just bored silly?
  • Overall Standard – overall quality and standard of the story.

Each story is being rated on a scale of 0-10 out of 10 in each category for an overall rating out of 100.  We chose to go with this rating system as a tool to help us decide which stories will make the cut for publication.

We were very pleased by the number of submissions we received overall.  Submissions came from all over the globe including:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

Of all of the submissions we received, the majority of the submissions came from male writers with a breakdown as follows:

MALE 80.4

All eleven Doctors were represented with Doctors 6, 4, 9 and 7 receiving the most submissions.  A detailed breakdown of the percentage of submissions each Doctor received follows:

1 6.3
2 8.9
3 5.4
4 11.6
5 6.3
6 12.5
7 10.7
8 5.4
9 11.6
10 6.3
11 9.8
NK* 5.4

* NK = entries not known


Reading, Reading and More Reading

d3-c012Just a quick note to let you know that it might get a bit quiet around here for the next little while. Not to fret. We haven’t gone AWOL or the project cancelled. Just that we’ve been bowled over by the number of submissions we’ve received and its going to take a while for each of us to go through each and every story we’ve received. So for the next couple of weeks at least you can assume we’re beavering away reading, reading and more reading.

Submissions Now Closed

575256_564263483606559_220742376_n_zps0e7a0e60Submissions are now closed.

We are no longer accepting submissions for the Temporal Logbook.

Thank you to all of you who submitted stories.  We’ve been completely blown away with the response for stories, and so now, we’ve got a lot of reading to do. There’s been quite a few stories submitted and its going to take a while to go through every single one.  So if you don’t hear from us right away, you’ll know why.

Submission Deadline Looms Near

d6-7a-007Today marks the beginning of the countdown till the June 28th Submission Deadline. You’ve got seven more days to submit stories to be considered for publication in the Temporal Logbook.  With the deadline ever looming, we’re expecting a bit of in rush of final submissions over the next week, and with this in mind, we’d suggest you get your story in to us before next Saturday to avoid any problems with it being received – not that we expect there to be any.

The three of us have been busy reading all of your submissions – I’ve definitely been immersed in Doctor Who over the past few weeks having read 33 Doctor Who short stories over the past several weeks.  The amazing thing is, I still have a lot more stories to read before I’m even anywhere near the end.  I’m not complaining mind you as I’ve quite enjoyed reading other authors take on the characters and the show.  The quality of stories has ranged from outstanding to not so good, but as I’ve said before on this blog, I’ve been quite impressed by the overall high standard of the majority of the submitted material.  It’s been a pleasure reading your stories.

I’m going make this short as I’ve got to get back to reading those submissions that are piling up on the corner of my desk.

Don’t forget the FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE is 12 midnight Pacific, Saturday June 28 2014

Two Weeks Today

d3-3l-014Gosh, I can hardly believe it.  It’s only 2 weeks from today till the June 28th submission deadline.  Wow, time has flown by.  If you haven’t submitted your story for consideration as part of the Temporal Logbook, you’ve still got 2 weeks to get your story completed and sent in.

As I’ve said numerous times before we’ve been extremely pleased with the response to our request for story submissions and we’ve been really impressed with the overall quality of the stories submitted.

Many thanks to those of you who answered our plea for stories featuring the fourth and ninth Doctors.  In fact, we’ve seen an overall increase in submissions featuring all eleven incarnations.  This is fantastic.  While we’ve been very pleased by this, I do have to mention that we’re still lacking stories featuring the fourth Doctor.  Not sure why writers have shied away from this incarnation, but if you feel like tackling a fourth Doctor story, we definitely encourage you to do so.

Important Point of Interest

d4-4a-034As you’ve no doubt read in a previous post that we’re short on stories for both the Fourth (Tom Baker) and Ninth (Christopher Eccelston) Doctors.  An interesting comment was made by a forum user on the Outpost Gallifrey forum regarding this that we here at TLL thought you might like to know about.

The user commented…

So, if we’ve already submitted a story, do you want us to send in a 4th or 9th doctor one too? Or is that only for people who’ve not submitted anything yet?

Giving some thought to the situation I replied…

Well…. Technically we only wanted people to submit one story but as we’re getting close to the crunch and we’re short on stories for two specific incarnations of the Doctor, I’m going to bend the rules and say, whether you’ve already submitted a story or not, if you want to submit a second story, feel free to do so.

So, as I stated above, whether you’ve submitted a story or not, we’re bending the submission rules slightly in the final 3 weeks to allow contributors to submit a second story.

I think this will encourage writers to submit stories featuring these two versions of the Doctor as well as give us an even wider range of submissions to choose from.