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Editors Confirmed

We are pleased to announce the confirmation of the editors for The Temporal Logbook who will be Rob Mammone, Bob Furnell and Jez Strickley.  Each bring a wealth of writing and editing experience to the project.

Robert Mammone has been writing since the early 1990s. He has been published in Doctor Who Magazine, and many Doctor Who fanzines in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Canada. In recent years he has had stories published at Pseudopod.org, Midnight Echo, The Big Book of Short Horror, Ill at Ease 2, Darker Minds, Filthy Creations, Tales of World War Z, the BFS 2011 Winter Journal, and received an Honorable Mention from noted horror anthologist, Ellen Datlow. Robert has had three stories published with The Doctor Who Project, and is currently one of the editors.

Jez Strickley began writing in the early 2000s, and first encountered the world of Doctor Who fandom through the Canadian fan magazine Whotopia, and the fan-fiction series The Doctor Who Project. Since then he has written for a number of fanzines, including Time Space Visualiser, Celestial Toyroom, Fanwnak and Plaything of Sutekh. He has also written for the website Doctor Who Online. Jez has been the editor of Whotopia since 2008.  He has had five stories published with The Doctor Who Project, two of which were co-written with Bob Furnell and Jake Johnson, respectively and currently serves as the Series Consultant.

Bob Furnell has been involved in Doctor Who fandom for over 30 years.  He has overseen three fan associations, and organized over 12 Doctor Who & sci-fi conventions from the small to full-scale event with guests.  Bob has written for numerous fanzines including Whotopia, Metamorph, Essential Sci-Fi, Enlightenment, RTS, Andersonic, Tellyvision, Star One, Jigsaw, and TMOVzine which he served as editor on both.  Bob has been the editor and publisher of Whotopia for the past 10 years as well as serving as the Range Editor, Publisher, Layout Artist, and writer for the fiction series The Doctor Who Project. His essay entitled On A Winter’s Night in 1981 was featured in the Doctor Who fan anthology You and Who: Contact Has Been Made: Volume One published by MIWK Publishing.


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  1. Good LORD! Talk about people who know what they are talking about! This is going to be something SPECIAL!

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