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Thoughts on the War Doctor

d11-12e-0395Thanks to everyone who’s sent us email’s over the past few weeks. It’s really wonderful to see everyone so enthusiastic about the project and it’s been fun receiving all your questions. One question we keep getting asked about is if we’ll accept stories featuring the War Doctor as featured in the 50th anniversary special. Seems like quite a few of you are chomping at the bit to write stories featuring this character.

Well, up to this point we’ve said no to stories featuring the character, but tell you what. Let me chat with Rob and Jez again about this and see what they think. Personally I’m against the use of the character as I don’t consider him a legit incarnation of the Doctor – he’s in the same league as the Valeyard – not a real incarnation. Anyway, let me have a chat with the boys and we’ll see. I can’t promise our stance on the character will change, but I’m willing to open the discussion on the character.

Updated May 11, 2014
I’ve chatted with my fellow editors and after some discussion we’ve decided not to change our stance on the inclusion of the War Doctor.