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Important Point of Interest

d4-4a-034As you’ve no doubt read in a previous post that we’re short on stories for both the Fourth (Tom Baker) and Ninth (Christopher Eccelston) Doctors.  An interesting comment was made by a forum user on the Outpost Gallifrey forum regarding this that we here at TLL thought you might like to know about.

The user commented…

So, if we’ve already submitted a story, do you want us to send in a 4th or 9th doctor one too? Or is that only for people who’ve not submitted anything yet?

Giving some thought to the situation I replied…

Well…. Technically we only wanted people to submit one story but as we’re getting close to the crunch and we’re short on stories for two specific incarnations of the Doctor, I’m going to bend the rules and say, whether you’ve already submitted a story or not, if you want to submit a second story, feel free to do so.

So, as I stated above, whether you’ve submitted a story or not, we’re bending the submission rules slightly in the final 3 weeks to allow contributors to submit a second story.

I think this will encourage writers to submit stories featuring these two versions of the Doctor as well as give us an even wider range of submissions to choose from.