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Two Weeks Today

d3-3l-014Gosh, I can hardly believe it.  It’s only 2 weeks from today till the June 28th submission deadline.  Wow, time has flown by.  If you haven’t submitted your story for consideration as part of the Temporal Logbook, you’ve still got 2 weeks to get your story completed and sent in.

As I’ve said numerous times before we’ve been extremely pleased with the response to our request for story submissions and we’ve been really impressed with the overall quality of the stories submitted.

Many thanks to those of you who answered our plea for stories featuring the fourth and ninth Doctors.  In fact, we’ve seen an overall increase in submissions featuring all eleven incarnations.  This is fantastic.  While we’ve been very pleased by this, I do have to mention that we’re still lacking stories featuring the fourth Doctor.  Not sure why writers have shied away from this incarnation, but if you feel like tackling a fourth Doctor story, we definitely encourage you to do so.