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The Finalists Are…

cropped-interviews_and_biographies.jpgIt’s the moment you’ve all been patiently waiting for over these past few weeks. Well, not quite but soon, very soon. Sadly yes, we’re going to leave you hanging on for a tiny bit longer till we officially announce the 11 stories which have been chosen to represent each Doctor’s era in The Temporal Logbook. While we’re not quite ready to publicly reveal those lucky writers, I can confirm that we’ve picked 10 of the 11 candidates.

If you have not received a rejection letter from us up to this point in time, that means that your story was one of the lucky finalist picked to represent a particular Doctor’s era. Each era was represented by between four to seven finalists. The editorial team reviewed and discussed each finalist and from there we picked the one story for each Doctor which will see publication.

We were really impressed by all of the finalist, but like anything of this nature, while we’d have liked to publish all of the stories, it just wasn’t possible. Unfortunately only one story for each Doctor could be chosen to represent Doctors 1 through 11.

Over the next few days, not only will we be notifying those writers who’s stories will be published, but we’ll also be corresponding with each of you whose stories weren’t lucky enough to be chosen for publication.

Once we’ve contacted all of the writers whose stories are to be published, we’re hoping to announce the official line-up by the end of the week, or if not sooner.