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Apologies to everyone for the lack of updates of late.  It’s been an extremely busy time for all of us.  We’ve been planning to post on the blog for weeks now, but somehow, time just seems to fly by.  If only had a twin or maybe even a TARDIS this might help to alleviate having a lack of time to do everything.  Anyway…

Work continues on the second volume of the Logbook.  Since our last update, there’s been a few changes to the story line-up.  Unfortunately one of our authors had to step down due to personal commitments, which required us to find a replacement story for their spot.  This turned out to be not as easy as we were hoping and we had a difficult time to find a good, replacement story.  Thankfully now we have, and work has begun on this very story.

The lineup for the second Logbook will now be:

  • First DoctorThe Ghosts of Future by Hamish Crawford
  • Second DoctorThe Clockwork Dream Sings Songs to the Stars by Nic Ford
  • Third DoctorThe Spectre of Gelsandor by Russell McGee
  • Fourth DoctorNight Fall on Titan by Richard Peevers
  • Fifth DoctorFlowers in the Rain by Tony Jones
  • Sixth DoctorSymbiogenesis  by Rob Nisbet
  • Seventh DoctorFive For Rebecca Chancer by Nick Mellish
  • Eighth Doctor – Sautéti Syrdis by Rich Fox
  • Ninth DoctorThe Lights of Kenzazi by Kate Coleman
  • Tenth DoctorThe Elephant Man Never Forgets by Kevin Mason
  • Eleventh DoctorThe Canterbury Tale by Frank Danes
  • Twelfth DoctorThe Pride and Prejudice of a Time Lord by David L. Smith & Violet Addison
  • War DoctorThe Muspilli Convention by J.E. Remy
  • Bonus Story 1Ghost Train by Fionna MacDonald (Fifth Doctor)
  • Bonus Story 2Confused and Changed by Nick Mellish (8th Doctor)

Stories for the Second, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth, Twelfth, War Doctor and the first Bonus Story are completed, while the remaining stories are in various draft versions.

Editor Rob Mammone had to withdraw from the project several months earlier due to a book writing commitment.  Rob’s departure was filled by Richard Peevers, who some of you may be familiar with for his work with the Brief Encounters range of the Doctor Who Project.

Publication has been reschedule to early 2018 and the cover will likely be designed by John Swogger (who designed the cover for the first Logbook).