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Revised Logbook II Lineup

As we mentioned in our post yesterday, we’ve revised the lineup of stories featured in the forthcoming Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys. This edition will feature 13 stories covering Doctors 1 through 12 including the War Doctor; as well as two bonus stories, (one of which is a sequel to a story featured in the first Temporal Logbook).

This all new collection includes:

  • First Doctor – Ghosts of the Future by Hamish Crawford
  • Second Doctor – The Clockwork Dreamer Sings Songs To The Stars – Nic Ford
  • Third Doctor – The Spectre of Gelsandor – Russell McGee
  • Fourth Doctor – Night Fall on Titan – Richard Peevers
  • Fifth Doctor – Flowers In The Rain – Tony Jones
  • Sixth Doctor – Symbiogenesis – Rob Nisbet
  • Seventh Doctor – Five for Rebecca Chancer – Nick Mellish
  • Eighth Doctor – Sauteti Sydris – Rich Fox
  • Ninth Doctor – The Lights of Kenzazi – Kate Coleman
  • Tenth Doctor – The Elephant Man Never Forgets – Kevin Mason
  • Eleventh Doctor – The Canterbury Tale – Frank Danes
  • Twelfth Doctor – The Pride and Prejudice of a Time Lord – David Smith & Violet Addison
  • War Doctor – The Muspilli Convention – J.E. Remy
  • Fifth Doctor – Ghost Train – Fionna MacDonald **Bonus Story**
  • Eighth Doctor – Confused and Changed – Nick Mellish **Bonus Story**

The Temporal Logbook II is edited by: Robert Mammone, Bob Furnell, J.E. Remy & Richard Peevers