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TTL2 Story Assessments: An Update

Greetings all.  Thought we’d post a quick update regarding the status of the TTL2 story proposal reviews.  Unfortunately this is taking longer than expected. We received quite a large number of submissions – more than what was expected – and combined with other projects in progress at the same time, sadly, we’re somewhat behind in our assessments.… Continue reading TTL2 Story Assessments: An Update

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STARBURST Magazine Gives Logbook 10/10!

All of us here are really excited and chuffed by the recent review of the Temporal Logbook by the long-running SF/genre magazine STARBURST which gave us an astounding 10 out of 10!   You can read the review here:–the-temporal-logbook

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Temporal Logbook First Review

We’re really excited to share the very first review of The Temporal Logbook.  Featured on the Immaterial blog and written by blog owner Daniel Tessier, the review is very complimentary, insightful and positive. TEMPORAL LOGBOOK REVIEW Doctor Who fanfic collections – “fanthologies” – have been around for donkey’s years, but there’s been a lull since… Continue reading Temporal Logbook First Review

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Important Point of Interest

As you’ve no doubt read in a previous post that we’re short on stories for both the Fourth (Tom Baker) and Ninth (Christopher Eccelston) Doctors.  An interesting comment was made by a forum user on the Outpost Gallifrey forum regarding this that we here at TLL thought you might like to know about. The user… Continue reading Important Point of Interest