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Temporal Logbook First Review

We’re really excited to share the very first review of The Temporal Logbook.  Featured on the Immaterial blog and written by blog owner Daniel Tessier, the review is very complimentary, insightful and positive. TEMPORAL LOGBOOK REVIEW Doctor Who fanfic collections – “fanthologies” – have been around for donkey’s years, but there’s been a lull since… Continue reading Temporal Logbook First Review

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Thoughts on the War Doctor

Thanks to everyone who’s sent us email’s over the past few weeks. It’s really wonderful to see everyone so enthusiastic about the project and it’s been fun receiving all your questions. One question we keep getting asked about is if we’ll accept stories featuring the War Doctor as featured in the 50th anniversary special. Seems… Continue reading Thoughts on the War Doctor

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Commenting on Comments

All of us here at The Temporal Logbook encourage, and appreciate, visitors to our site sharing their comments with us through the comments option on posts. While I don’t wish to draw too much attention to the matter, suffice to say we have been the target of some rather questionable and rude comments over the… Continue reading Commenting on Comments