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Pencil Tip Publishing is pleased to announce The Temporal Logbook II, a Doctor Who themed short-story collection and the follow-up companion to 2015s highly successful short story collection The Temporal Logbook.

Doctor Who has one of the most flexible formats in television drama. With the basic premise of an alien who travels throughout space and time in a box that is bigger inside than out, and which is disguised as a 1960s police public call box, it can’t get much simpler than that. One week the show can be a gothic horror, the next a comedic satire, or a base-under-siege thriller – the possibilities are endless.

Pencil Tip Publishing will be accepting story proposals for consideration as part of The Temporal Logbook II for one day and one day only – Sunday, July 31, 2016 from 12:00 pm -12:00 am Pacific Daylight Time.

As with the original short-story collection, this new volume will feature twelve original stories by new and up-in-coming writers. All twelve incarnations of the Doctor will be featured with a story dedicated to that particular incarnation.

The Temporal Logbook II will be published by Canadian publisher Pencil Tip Publishing, with proceeds from the publication being donated to the charity of our choice (N.B. recipient charity to be determined soon).

Submission Guidelines:

To contribute a story proposal to The Temporal Logbook II all you have to do is:

  1. Submit a 1-2 page outline detailing the basic plot of your story and the characters featured
  2. Provide your full name and email, and
  3. Include a brief bio telling us a bit about yourself (if you haven’t worked with us previously).

Submission Details:nsolicited story proposal submissions will be accepted on Open Submissions Day July 31st.

  • Stories must be written in English.
  • Stories should be based on Doctor Who as broadcast on BBC Television.
  • Stories are to feature television Doctors 1-12. We are looking to include one story for each incarnation.
  • Stories should feature the appropriate companion(s) with the correct incarnation of the Doctor. For example, if you submit a Fourth Doctor story it should feature the companion(s) associated with his era of the television series.  (Please note: we will also accept stories featuring companions you have created yourself.)
  • Do not submit any story proposals featuring the War Doctor. (Any submissions featuring this character will be automatically rejected.)
  • Story proposals should be attached to an email as either a Word (.doc/.docx) or Rich Text (.rtf) document.
  • Story proposals, and completed stories, should be formatted as follows:
    • 1 inch margins all round (e.g. top, bottom, left, right).
    • Double line spacing.
    • full justified blocked.
    • each page should contain author name, story title and page number in the header.
    • typed using either Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma 12 pt font. No fancy fonts.
    • North American style double quotes to show speech (e.g. “What do you mean”, asked Sally).
  • Your submission should include a cover letter. The cover letter should:
    • include your full name, age, email address, home address, story title.

If Your Story Proposal Is Accepted:

If your story proposal is accepted for inclusion in the collection, writers will have:

  • The opportunity to work with a team of Editors who will work with you and help you write the best story possible.
  • Receive helpful feedback and advice on all aspects of writing from sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and more. Our Editors offer as much help as we can. We edit the stories, make suggestions on them, and support our writers.
  • Appropriate time to pen and submit first and second drafts of their story. Please note once your proposal has been accepted for publication, we will inform you the date(s) when drafts are due by.

If your story proposal is accepted for publication, finished stories should be between 5000 and 8500 words.

When & How To Submit:

  • Open Submission Day (12:00 pm-12:00 am PDT) is: July 31, 2016
  • Proposals attached to email
  • Submissions to:

If you have any questions, or would like further information please feel free to email us at the above email address and we’ll reply at our earliest opportunity.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note: Pencil Tip Publishing reserves the right to reject submissions without further explanation.

Authors whose stories are used for publication will receive a complimentary copy of the finished publication.

The exclusive right to publish your short story in a hardcopy format for one year, and non-exclusively thereafter. Stories must be previously unpublished and must be original work. This means that the story should not have appeared anywhere else, either in print or online. This includes publications on an author’s own website. Rights will revert back to the writer 12 months after publication. You will be asked to sign a contract to this effect if your story is accepted for publication.

Multiple Submissions:
Please feel free to submit multiple story proposals.

Our Response Time:
Up to 45 days. We will be as quick as we can to read and assess your story. Please bear in mind that depending on the number of submissions we receive, this may take longer. We will try to respond to your submission on or before our set response time. If there are any delays, we will notify you by email, or alternately post updates on the blog.

So, why not submit a story outline to us. We’d love to publish one of your original stories as part of the very first TEMPORAL LOGBOOK II.

Pencil Tip Publishing
July 2016

Sample Format for Story Proposal



Douglas Adams meets The Leisure Hive by way of ‘Terror of the Vervoids.’


Time for a Holiday!

The Doctor, Tom and Val end up on ‘The Cosmic Infinity’, a luxury liner from Earth to Andromeda. There’s good food, wonderful music, strange and unique alien races and romance is in the air.
But also, beneath all the beauty and luxury, there’s also shady dealings, intrigue and murder.

The Doctor and the others find themselves embroiled in skullduggery, theft and double-dealing as numerous factions fight and squabble over the most unique item in the cosmos. It’s true value and meaning unknown.

Only one group can win the Cosmic Game and if the Doctor doesn’t win, this little holiday will
not have a happy ending.


The Doctor, Tom and Val arrive on the perfect luxury pleasure liner ‘The Cosmic Infinity.’ Despite the Doctor wishing to leave, Tom and Val presuade him to let them stay and manage to get tickets. It is only a short while into their voyage that they discover that not all the guests are what they seem. These guests include:

1. JACOB McNORRIDGE- A self-proclaimed ‘Earth Beaureaucrat’ who is actually one of Earth’s top special agents.

2. XABLUNG and CASTIX- Two members of the mysterious and enigmatic race known as the DAVALHURN, psychic artists who use the powers of their mind to make living art.

3. KOSTIGIG- A refugee of a race of beings from a solar system facing utter destruction by solar flares.

4. THADDEUS JONES- The third rate former assistant to one of the Galaxy’s leading artisans and creators, BALLAMACHAR and after his death, all too willing to shill and live off his former mentor’s glory.

5. DAVRISH PELLAM- The notorious crime boss and art aficionado.

Jones is trying to sell his mentor’s final and greatest creation, a crystal sphere the size of a basketball. All the others are trying to buy it off him for their own various reasons. When some of the other guests on the ship end up dead and through a series of miscommunications and sheer rudeness, the Doctor, Val and Tom are also believed to be in the running for the Sphere and are seen by the others to be fair game to be killed off.

Kidnapped, chased, believed killed, actually killed and threatened with being killed, the Doctor and his friends struggle to survive and get to the bottom of everything.

The Doctor makes the discovery that the Sphere is actually a perfectly created pocket universe, Ballmachar’s final creation. Tired of words and paints, Ballmachar used the greatest science and the use of the Davallhurn’s sciences to create a pocket universe, infinite and without end and as intricate and perfect as the real one and life is naturally evolving and existing without any outside influence.

When the ship is crippled by Davrish’s forces, the Doctor has no choice but to trap Tom and Val inside the sphere. They experience first-hand the beauty and magic of this universe and overwhelmed by what they have seen, they finally act upon their feelings and fall in love, something which they’ve been building up too throughout the story.

The Davallhurn want it because they believe it is their creation, McNorridge and Earth want to use it as a power source. Kostigig and his race want to migrate there to escape the destruction of their entire civilisation and Davrish Pellam merely wants to put it on his mantelpiece and gloat. The Doctor thinks than none of these people deserve or appreciate the sphere’s true artistry and instead, when all is done and the various factions either killed or out of the running, gives it to Tom and Val, the only people he believes really truly appreciate what it is. When they ask him, the Doctor simply tells them that ‘it’s a present, consider it a gift for the future.’


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